Editing Services

Book Editing Services

Hoping to craft an amazing book? Going the self-publishing route or submitting to traditional publishers, every manuscript needs a book editor. With five years of experience, I can help make your finished book great. I offer various editing services for authors. Working together, we can tailor the specific needs of your manuscript.

About Me

I received an MFA in Creative Writing from National University and an Editing Certification from the University of California at Berkeley. I have worked as an editor, proofreader, and production manager for BooksBnimble, as well as I have edited and proofread for a host of authors independently. I have also served as a high school English teacher for eighteen years.


Types of Editing offered:

Substantive Editing
In this type of editing, issues in story development will be addressed. This is an overall story editing addressing holes in the plot, story threads that dead-end, main characters that aren’t interesting or fall flat, secondary characters that should be scrapped or developed more, the arrangement and sequence of scenes, the overall pacing, and many others. This type of editing will ensure a clear, developed logical story.

Copy Editing/ Line editing
In this type of editing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style will be checked. A consistency in style choices as well as fact-checking will be completed in this type of editing. Big changes to story are usually not made during this type of editing. If anything is required, I will confer with the author before making changes. Oftentimes, if I come across a big issue in story structure, these will also be noted for consideration.

In this type of editing, a final check of a manuscript before publication is performed. This is where typos, spelling mistakes, final punctuation errors, missing words, and errors such as these are caught.


The best way to receive an estimation of how long the editing process will take as well as how much it will cost is to email me with specifics of your manuscript.