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An avid reader all her life, Jessica Tastet began writing in the sixth grade. The result was a mystery story she promptly shared with all her family and whoever else she could convince to read it. This caused a wee bit of trouble when her friends and family didn’t like the way they were portrayed, not understanding the leeway one is given with fiction. Born and raised in Raceland, Louisiana, near Bayou Lafourche she uses the places and people of her childhood to create the backdrop of her fictional South Louisiana town in her Raleigh Cheramie series.

Presently, she resides near her hometown with her two children, three stepchildren, husband, and two cats where she surrounds herself with good books. She splits her time between writing, editing, and teaching English at the local high school.

The Raleigh Cheramie series currently consists of Muddy BayouMuddy Grave and  Muddy Hearts. She is also the author of the new novel Valor, the first of The Custos Saga series.